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My name is Cody Lewallen and I would like to welcome you to

This is a place for you to take a break from whatever you have to, and find some help in really getting a sense of your potential. It is a place to recharge, build your energy, and just grow in your own way.

Living in Japan for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to learn some things that just might help you to become the person you feel, deep down inside, you know you can be. Studying from the masters, I have practiced techniques that are not only martial, but mental, psychological, spiritual, natural, and even hypnotic and subliminal.

In my Aikido classes(, I tell my students that I am just “the guy holding the mirror”. I show them themselves in ways they haven’t seen before and how to better express who they are. That is what is about, uncovering blind spots, and life coaching people toward their potential.  So whether you need to lose weight, stop smoking, find motivation, get rid of a phobia, or improve your business, when is now a better time to take action?

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