Cody Lewallen is the founder of ActionThoughts.  He received his degree in East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona and immediately moved to Japan in 1998.  He lived there for 11 years studying with the masters. Learning the ancient wisdom of the martial arts as well as other Japanese spiritual and philosophical pursuits, Cody discovered and experienced the importance of unifying the mind, body and spirit.  This eventually brought him to becoming certified stateside as a Certified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.2014-12-27 15.56.10

He is the founder of the Aikido Shoubu Dojo Wellness Center, which is the home of ActionThoughts, a program that Cody started that offers change-work for all.  Whether you are looking to stop smoking, tackle a phobia, need some inspiration, or just need a good old fashioned kick in the pants, Cody can get you on the right path.

Cody at his hypnotherapy  office desk

ActionThoughts is located inside the beautiful Aikido Shoubu Dojo at 5556 E. Speedway suite 180 Tucson AZ.  It is a building that transports you back to ancient Japan.  Upon entry, you are surrounded by a wonderful natural energy that is warm and peaceful. The perfect location, Tucson, Arizona is known for its tranquil, spiritual and life transforming environment.

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Cody began his career in Japan as a marriage counselor for his friends that were having some issues with their marriage.  Word of mouth spread and soon Cody was approached by more and more people with personal dilemmas they wanted to overcome.  From weight loss to gaining confidence Cody helped people free of charge before he decided that this was his calling and made it his future and carer.  After using his knowledge to help people for over five years, he incorporated hypnotherapy and NLP and found people were able to reach their goals much quicker.  Day after day he saw his clients and friends transform their lives.  He is one of the few authentic masters that not only teaches martial technique, but helps people with his ancient wisdom and life lessons learned from studying in Japan, the birthplace of the samurai.  Make an appointment and take advantage of Cody’s unique talent and gifts to help you with whatever obstacles you have blocking your success.

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