Disciplines of the Mind

The only way you get anywhere is from doing something. Not many good things come to those who wait. You can think and daydream about everything you want, but unless you are out acting on those thoughts, it is hard to make your dreams manifest. That is what action thoughts .com means. It means taking action to get results of anything you can imagine.

When I was a kid, like so many others, I wanted to be a ninja. I wanted to go to Japan so bad, but I didn’t have anywhere near the money it took to go. I didn’t let that stop me. Through living my dream as if it were already decided, my subconscious mind led me to getting the results I was looking for. Eventually, I made it to Japan and spent more than a decade studying from Martial Arts masters and spiritual teachers, and taking part in esoteric practices that opened my mind to a completely different way of thinking. In doing this, I was able to understand how exactly I was led to getting what I wanted.
The subconscious mind is constantly pulling for you. It wants you to have, see, or do whatever you want. It follows your instructions to the letter in helping you manifest what you are telling it you want to manifest. The problem is, most people don’t understand how to talk to their subconscious mind effectively, or they send it mixed signals. It is actually very simple and I will give you a quick preview of how it works.
You see, the conscious mind, the one that you are thinking with right now, -the one probably “mentioning how this Cody Lewallen is a real nut!” is actually a very limited part or version of your subconscious mind. It is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your actual brain power. Your subconscious mind is always awake, constantly taking in everything you see, hear, feel, taste and smell, and categorizing all that information in the limitless space and time inside your brain. Think of it like a computer. Everything you see is recorded, or “downloaded” into your brain. Same for everything you feel, touch, taste, smell etc. Like the monitor of your computer, there is a limited amount of space for which you to place different windows, just as your brain can only focus on a small number of things at once, your conscious mind can only focus on a limited amount of information. However, all the information is still in there, it made it in. That is how amazing your mind is. From the beginning of your birth, and even before that, your senses were picking up and storing information, -from what the voice of the doctor that delivered you was like, to how many eyelets your first pair of tennis shoes had. Your conscious mind has catagorized most of it away, but, it is in there, somewhere. So what does all this mean? Have you ever started to shop for something, say it was a Toyota Camry. You wanted a Toyota Camry so you looked and looked. You sat in them, you test drove them, you even played with different paint color schemes in your head. And then you finally bought one. Then after you bought one, for the next 6 months, all you see on the road is Toyota Camrys’! You never saw so many. Well, that is because you introduced the importance of Toyota Camrys to your subconscious mind. In your mind you have something called the reticular activating system. It controls the cycle of sleep and waking, eating and sex, but the most important function of the RAC is to maintain the consciousness. It brings certain things to conscious and leaves others to the subconscious. It is basically like a security guard of the nightclub of your conscious. Just like the giant man at the door guarding the most exclusive club in Los Angeles, he is not just going to let in anyone, only the important people are allowed- that’s right, the VIPs and the sexy ladies. Well the reticular activating system does the same for your brain. Here is an example to explain.

Let’s say you are out for a walk and chewing on your favorite flavor of bubble gum. You pass an alleyway, and a robber jerks you into the alley. In that extreme moment, I doubt you are conscious of your bubblegum. You are probably fearing for your life, or as some of my martial art friends, probably plotting this poor fellow’s soon-to-follow demise. In any case, your reticular activating system took the focus off your gum, pulled it out of your conscious mind, and put it on the robber. It took what is important, or what it thinks is important, and puts it into your awareness. That is how you start to see Toyota Camry everywhere after you bought one. You told your subconscious mind that they were important by thinking about them all the time and visualizing them etc.  Then Toyota Camrys’ start to appear out of nowhere.
So this website, action thoughts.com is about helping you focus your mind on what you really want. It is about showing you not only hope, but the power that is already in you, to get what you really want. It will teach you techniques to battle all the little things that will try to deplete your will power, hamper your resolve, or box in your imagination. It will show you how to take action on those thoughts that flash in your mind, masquerading as dreams, when they are in fact unclaimed reality!