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confident-peopleCommunication is key.

If you are in sales, you know that “making the sale” is all important. You also are aware however, that if you pull the wool over someones eyes to make a sale, you run the risk of that customer developing buyers remorse. In order to sell more, and to do it with integrity, you have to understand your customer, and they need to understand you and what you have to offer. Using subliminal speech, Nero Linguistic Programming, and a little practice, you can make a true connection with your customer, help people get what they want, and also, make more sales.

We can give you the advantage you need in:

  • Direct face- to-face selling
  • Client interviews to get information
  • Selection interviews for hiring
  • Voice-mail messages so they are answered or remembered
  • Survey calls to generate interest
  • Cold-call interviews with prospects
  • Letters, memos, or conversations to influence
  • Direct mail or brochures to create interest
  • Phone solicitation or telemarketing
  • Formal presentations to sell an idea
  • Handouts to help keep a prospect interested

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Here are some tips to better communication.

By improving your communication skills, you will more effectively understand what people really want, and have them understand what you want, and ultimately, receive what you want in life.
The reason why most people have unsatisfactory results in their life, is because they have poor communication skills. People get frustrated when they don’t get what they want, and often times don’t realize it is because they did not communicate clearly, what it is they wanted.
Poor results come from poor communication. You must be very clear on exactly what it is you want when communicating with another person.

There are many elements that go into positive effective communication. There is verbal and nonverbal communication. The words that we use only make up 7% of our communication! The other 93% is voice tone and body language. What that means is, before you have even said a word, you have already said a lot.
It is very important to practice paying attention to your body language and voice tone. It is important to be aware of your voice tone, when you speak. Have you ever had someone ask you for something in a whiny sounding voice; or how about in a very demanding tone of voice? Think back to when someone has approached you with either of these voice tones. Did you really want to give them what they were asking for? Probably not, you were probably pretty turned off by their approach. Focus on having a friendly confident tone.

Body language is huge! So many people are giving the wrong signals and they don’t even realize it. Your words and voice tone may be saying one thing, but your body is saying something very different. The non verbal speaks louder than the verbal, always. The person that you are communicating with will most often not even realize that they are being effected by your body language, however they are, it happens on a subconscious level. Pay attention to your body language. First of all make sure you are standing up straight with your shoulders back. Good posture communicates confidence. Everyone is attracted to a person who is truly confident and customers will only trust and buy from you if you are confident. You are much more likely to have someone say yes to you, when you exude self confidence, than if you do not. Another tip is to avoid standing with your arms folded in front of you. Arms folded communicates that you are stand offish and blocking the other person from getting through to you. It also communicates disinterest, or that you are holding something back.

Eye contact is so important, because of so many reasons. I will just cover a few reasons here. For one thing, it shows strong self confidence. It also allows you to have a strong connection with the person you are communicating with. A lot of people do not trust a person that avoids eye contact and building trust is the number one component to effective communication. Eye contact can be hard for some people. If you are someone who has difficulty with maintaining eye contact, begin practicing now. It begins with awareness, then practice, then mastery. One of the most important skills that you can practice and master is maintaining good eye contact.

Next comes the words that we use. Even though words are only 7% of our communication, they are still extremely important and require conscious awareness to use them effectively. For example, most people’s main focus when they communicate is on themselves. They use the word “I” over and over again. Understanding that most people’s main interest is themselves can be a very valuable tool for you. One of your greatest tools to be a great communicator is to stop using the word “I”, “Me” and “My” so often and start using the word “You”, “Your” and “Yours” much more often. People love to talk about themselves, and if you let them do it, you will be their most favorite person in the world, because most of the people they talk to are talking about themselves most of the time.Words-Have-Power

Another important thing to realize is that people love the sound of their own name. Use a persons name often during a conversation with them. You can really develop a good communication this way.
Remember, God gave us two ears and one mouth so talk less and listen more. And really listen, a lot of times when another person is speaking we are caught up in our head thinking about how we are going to respond or just waiting for our turn to speak. Listen with you complete focus and attention on what they are saying then trust that you will be able to respond organically. The best communicators are the best listeners, not the best talkers.

Remember, no matter where your communication skills currently are, you can always be better. To be a better communicator it takes self-awareness, practice, and the desire to be better.
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