Subliminal Learning

by on July 11, 2013

Subliminal learning is a very effective way to make permanent changes through your subconscious.

Are you trying to quit smoking? Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to learn a new skill? Most likely you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions.

How are you trying to achieve these goals? Perhaps you use the nicotine patch or have tried to quit smoking “cold turkey”. Maybe you eat a special diet or go to Weight Watchers meetings to try to lose weight. You may learn a new skill by taking a class or lecture.

These methods are often the types to which we first gravitate. However, there is another method of learning available to you. In fact, it is a super learning method that requires you to absorb information through your subconscious.

What Is Subliminal Learning?

This learning technique, a subconscious type of learning, lets your brain go on “auto pilot”. Instead of working to learn something consciously, you can simply let your subconscious mind do the work and make the changes by listening to subliminal messages in music. You may wonder how you can learn when you aren’t paying attention and actively engaged in learning. That is the beauty of this type of learning. It takes advantage of your very powerful subconscious mind, resulting in learning.

Your subconscious is the part of your mind that learns how to react to stimuli of which you are not aware. The subconscious mind associates specific results and reactions with certain situations.

The subconscious mind is of great interest to scientists, healers, and entrepreneurs. In fact, the Center for Brain and Memory at Boston University conducted a study to find out why the subconscious allows us to learn new things even when we don’t realize we are learning. Their research involved a perception test. They flashed dots and letters on a computer screen in a subliminal fashion. They studied how the subconscious mind interpreted, recognized and retained this information. They found that the participants still retained the dot and letter information six months after the initial learning session [ 5/27/2005]

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Your subconscious mind is trained through a repetition of thousands of messages. Your subconscious mind grabs this information and processes it automatically. It may not notice the messages, especially if you are asleep, but your subconscious mind is always working. It is the “worker bee” of your brain, and has immense power.

The key is to turn this subliminal source of power to your advantage. You can accomplish this through subliminal learning.

You can modify or eliminate bad habits and create new, good habits. You can learn and retain new information. Subliminal learning is an exciting area of education that is hot in research circles and cutting edge education techniques. How can you use subliminal learning to change your subconscious beliefs? The answer is to rev up your CD player or MP3 player and listen to subliminal learning audio programs.

If you have a negative view of your life, feel poorly about yourself, or want to learn something new, you can listen to subliminal cd affirmations. These affirmations can reprogram your subconscious mind, without your conscious mind getting involved, into a positive, motivated engine of success. You can improve your life tremendously in many ways.

While this type of subconscious learning can truly turn your life around, it can also add fuel to an already optimistic life. For example, you may be proud and excited about your accomplishments, but feel like you want to reach the next level of success. This type of learning can assist you.

The subconscious mind plays a role in the Law of Attraction as well. The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on is reflected in what you attract. Your subconscious plays a role in what you focus on. How you react to obstacles in your life stems from your subconscious.

Using subliminal learning to attract what you desire into your life is a very easy way to accomplish it.

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